1. What is Data Extraction?
  2. How is data extracted?
  3. Data Extraction Tools
  4. How SmartSpidering can help

What is Data Extraction?

Data Extraction

Data extraction is a process that involves retrieval of data from different website sources. Firms extract data in order to analyze it, migrate the data to a data repository (data warehouse) or use it in their businesses.

It consists of scraping valuable business information and compiling it in a spreadsheet/CSV for future use. Data scrapping tools help you to automatically scrape quality data while reducing your acquisition costs so you can make good decisions.

How is data extracted?

If the data is structured, the extraction process is generally performed within the source system. It uses one of the following methods to perform extraction:

Full Extraction: In this method, data is completely extracted from the source system, and there is no need to track system for changes.

Incremental Extraction: Changes in source data need to be tracked since the last successful extraction and you do not need to extract all the data each time when there is a change. For this, you need to check timestamps or track changes. In this way only changed data will be extracted.

If the data is unstructured then you have to sort out the data in such a way that it can be extracted. Probably, you will store it in a data repository until you make a strategy to extract it for analysis. You’ll clean up the data by doing things like removing symbols, removing duplicate records, and determining how to handle missing values etc.

Data Extraction Tools:

Import.io: It is web-based platform that is used to extract data from different websites without writing any code.

Octaparse: It is a powerful web scraping tool that can extract data from almost all the websites and save copy-paste time.

Visual Web Ripper: It is a software that is used for web scraping, web harvesting and content extraction.

And Many More…

How SmartSpidering can help

SmartSpidering can extract your structured and unstructured data so you can spend your time on analysis to make good decisions. For example, SmartSpidering supports pulling data from any type of website. Once you decide what data you want to extract,send us website link and our data experts send you sample and quote proposal.

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